What's Your Placebo?

There was once a doctor who had a patient complaining about his illness. Then he examined the patient but didn't find what he complained about. He figured that it had to be his mental instead of his physique. Then he gave him some medicine that contained nothing but water and a coloring agent that had no curing nor bad side effects at all. "Take this three times a day. Three times a day after each meal. Believe me,--believe me you'll be well again," said him to the patient. A day after, the patient came back to the doctor to thank him. So, What was it? The coloring agent and water were a cure? No, it was the doctor's words! Believe me,--believe me!!!

Believe! A simple thing to offer but with great effects. That's what the doctor called "PLACEBO", POS, the Power Of Suggestion.

We sometimes say something over and over again till we believe it is true, which is not necessarily true. But since we keep saying it too often as if it is an incantation or mantra, we lose common sense. We believe, love and are proud of what's not true.

Take one example, time. A friend of mine told me that he had no time to study. How ironic! How much time did he need to study? A whole day? He had time! He just didn't know how to manage his time. That's all! What's worse was that he kept saying that he didn't have time. And he believed.

And even if he didn't have time, as he felt, it doesn't mean that there was no more time left for anything else. There was actually time, but it's just that he didn't or couldn't see that there was time. Now here is when we need to make use of our potentials as humans. What potentials?

Sense of discovery and sense of invention.
Discovery: the action or process of discovering or being discovered. A person or thing discovered.
Sense of discovery is a gift to find what is hidden, to uncover secrets, to reveal ideas, to find time.
Invention: the action of inventing something, typically a process or device, that has been invented, a fabricated story, making something new.
Sense of invention is what makes us different from other creatures. We make things. We make time.

If you believe that you have these senses (discovery and invention), you will never say "I don't have time to study."

What is time anyway? To me, time ain't talking; time ain't listening; time is DEAF-MUTE. Time doesn't make me, I make time.

The ironic thing is that people don't have time to STUDY but have time to GOSSIP.

So, No Time?
Sorry, my PLACEBO is "I always have time to read and read and read." And i believe.
What's your PLACEBO?


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