Circle of Energy

When you do something, let us say start a business, if you take good care of it, what is most possible that will happen is that your business will produce something. Of course it depends on the quality of how you take good care of it. And if you do not take good care of it, it most probably will collapse. The same thing happens to every other thing that you do. If you are bound to do something, you create gravity to the thing that you do. This gravity then forms a circle of energy that surrounds you and blocks an outside entity or entities from coming into the circle. You and the thing form an alliance in achieving a mutual goal. This happens because you and the thing stay within the same circle of energy. In social context, let us say you and your lover, your gravity is formed within a habit. The amount of time that you spend together determines the degree of gravity which then creates the circle of energy that blocks the outside entity or entities from coming into your circle. So, the possibility for cheating is quite small since the energy formed is strong enough to block the outside entities.

Now, think of something that you really want to accomplish. Let us say you want to master English, the same concept applies. If you stay within the same circle of energy of English learning and somehow you can form the strong gravity with each other (you and the English language), the problems (the outside entities) will never hinder you from understanding the English language because the environment (the circle of energy) has provided you with the power to do all possible tasks.

Believe it or not, this is not entirely about intelligence. Instead, this is about determination. The gravity is formed by the habit; the habit is formed by the determination. If you somehow can perform the expected habit which then forms the gravity, mission accomplished – the circle of energy is formed. This determination alone does not pop up by itself. It has a trigger, namely impulse.

Impulse is a strong wish or need to do something, without stopping to think about the results. Probably this is the most human part that forms the circle of energy. However, the impulse itself needs a reason to react to something. The reason that actuates all other aspects that create the circle of energy. This brings us to the most important part of the creation of the circle of energy – perception.

Perception is a matter of mindset which is deeply hidden within our mind that makes us different from other creatures. Now, if you want to look deeply into your mind and exploit it, you will come up with great ideas beyond imagining. At first, maybe you see nothing but emptiness. This happens most probably because you have not enough knowledge to support the hidden part within your mind. But if you try harder excavating the tiny light within your mind and finally find it and grasp it, that tiny light will bring you to the best of your efforts.

Perception is one of the most powerful tools to create something. It is true by some facts that a great many politicians build perceptions to achieve their goals – a war of perceptions. It is by all means considered as the most efficient and effective. Once you have grasped the perception and stored it in your conscience, you have determination. Your success depends on the level of your determination. It is so often, in a positive way, I admire Hitler for his determination. I am sure that you have read that SS was the most loyal army in history. It was because Hitler had very strong determination which finally formed the most powerful circle of energy that enabled him to perform all tasks to rule Europe, although for a short period.

To sum up, perception, impulse, determination, habit, gravity are the aspects most needed to create the circle of energy in order to achieve the goal – whatever the goal is. In short, all these aspects can be termed into one word – FAITH. If you believe in something; if you believe in what you are doing, all other entities that might hinder or intervene will not have harmful effects on your goal. Because your faith provides you with all the energy needed to protect and accomplish your goal. And again, it all depends on the quality of your faith. So, when you say you have faith, do you have the perception, impulse, determination, habit, and gravity to form the circle of energy?

Do you have the perception, impulse, determination, habit, and gravity to study?
Do you have the perception, impulse, determination, habit, and gravity to work?
Do you have the perception, impulse, determination, habit, and gravity to love?
Do you have the perception, impulse, determination, habit, and gravity to live?


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